St. Anthony Sand Dunes - Egin Lakes Campground/Day Use Area

St. Anthony Sand Dunes - Egin Lakes Campground/Day Use Area

St Anthony Sand Dunes / Egin Lakes Campground - (BLM)

St. Anthony Sand Dunes is a wild and sandy oasis of starry-filled nights. Thirsty for fun-filled days digging into the dunes, coasting down a sea of sand, or drifting off into a dream of seemingly endless sunburnt slopes? St. Anthony Sand Dunes Egin Lakes Camp Ground is the way to go! Mighty and trackless the terrain will keep you busy enjoying one of Idaho's abundantly rich yet not so hidden treasures.

Boundless exploring among the wonderfully desolate dunes will have you ready for a good night's rest after an evening campfire, a sizzling dinner, safari stories, or whatever camp favorites you might have in store. Bask in the burnt red and orange glow of the sunset giving rise to the full desert experience.

Each and every morning brings about a new canvas unique to the day! Experiencing immense silence amid the salty sands is not something money can buy.

There’s another way to approach camping, occasionally referred to as “glamping,” that encompasses creating as luxurious an environment as possible. The term glamping is relatively a new concept involving gigantic oversized tents, air mattresses, a source of electricity, and occasionally bringing equipment for music and television. When it comes to glamping food, it's typically fancy, with hors d’oeuvres, a platter of choice foods, and drinks. Soak up the glow of the brightest full moon, as sleepiness draws nearer and as the sandy hills seem to roll off into the far away abyss as drifting off to sleep comes with ease.

When the new day approaches, drag out the quads, side by side, bikes, toys, sunscreen, and extra water. Hiking, backpacking, sand sledding, sandboarding, fat tire biking, photography, and e-biking are the beginning of all the fun that can be had at St. Anthony Sand Dunes and Egin campground.

When loading up your dirt bike be sure to bring your paddle tire air for a day of adventure on world-renowned sands. Whether launching into big air or drifting into the desolate desert dunes, teaming up for area exploration, firing up for a competition, or hanging out enjoying the show, there are endless adventures waiting.

If bringing along extra backseat patrons for the weekend consider conjuring up nifty road games, stopping and random neat shops for state and destination-related momento’s, bring along extra clothing and blankets for comfort, pulling over and taking pictures of the various land formations along the way, don't forget to strategically plan for bathroom breaks.

Being prepared for unexpected emergencies and improvising when needed. It's always safe to throw some extra toilet paper in the car or truck just in case your emergency happens to be 60 miles from the next restroom.

Not every trip goes according to plan. Accounting for the unexpected and having plans for what will happen if extending the time on the road becomes mandatory as vehicle breakdowns, illness, and emergencies happen when least expected.

Having vehicles serviced prior to departing on a trip may help reduce roadside frustrations. Many vehicle service locations offer pre-road inspections which can also be helpful in identifying vehicle preventative maintenance needs.

Leaving instructions on the voicemail greeting to those who may be trying to get ahold of you with an alternate contact may become helpful.

Stopping to review historical placards can help make for a more interesting trip.

This destination is located approximately 40 miles from the city of Idaho Falls and approximately 300 +/- miles from the city of Boise. 

Exploring the surrounding areas prepare to be amazed by some of the most remarkable natural treasures the greater region has to offer. Leading to experiences of a lifetime, venture to world-renowned destinations such as Henry's Fork, City of Rocks, the Snake River, and the largest lava field on the planet - Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. Where curiosity is met by some of the most majestic natural wonders in the northwest.

The unique landscapes of Eastern Idaho are comprised of intriguing and majestic vistas, rolling foothills, sprawling valleys, forests, and the frontier between the desert terrain and the unsurpassed natural beauty encompassing the region. Eastern Idaho's countryside abounds with rivers, lakes and reservoirs, hot springs, grasslands, and wildlife refuges.

Feel like you’re a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living when you discover Eastern Idaho's open roads.

Year-Round outdoor activities opportunities include hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, and in the colder months tubing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Prepare to be amazed by some of the most remarkable treasures the natural world has to offer.

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