Idaho's Dubois Ranger District

Southeastern Idaho Campgrounds - by district

The Dubois Ranger District

The Dubois Ranger District on the Caribou-Targhee National Forest offers tremendous opportunities for outdoor activities on over 460,000 acres.

Steel Creek Group Campground

Settle in among the towering congregation of pine and Willow trees at the Steel Creek Group Campground. Set up to accommodate groups of up to 200, the Steel Creek Campground is ready to help you accomplish the occasion of a lifetime.

Experiencing a sunset or sunrise within the Caribou Targhee National Forest is one to remember. Setting aside enough time to set up camp before the sun goes down ensures you can take a break to enjoy the sunset and minimizes the need to rummage for items needed to set up efficiently.

Take delight in a surplus of picnic tables and seating. Find yourself spending hours of enriching moments with fellow campers, immersed in nature, settled around the fire pit with stage-like seating uniquely angled and ideal for fireside performances, demonstrations, storytelling, presentations, live music, talent show, songs, puppet shows, or whatever else may be the focus for the day/evening.

Add a twist to the night fire by adding a specially made fire-safe color packet to inspire and add to the charming warmth of the already incredible experience of being outdoors. Entertain with stories, funny jokes, and admire the sounds and smells of the surrounding Forest.

Be sure to pack all the extras for the cast iron fire-roasted casserole, skewers for firing up the smores, hot dogs, corn on the cob, or perhaps kabobs. Whatever camp favorites goodies you enjoy the most, be sure to add to the tote, and off you go for a weekend to remember at Steel Creek Group Campground.

Another significant consideration would be choosing a campground that best suits the preferred activities list, whether near or away from water, trails, or wide-open spaces.

Stoddard Creek Group Campground

Stoddard Creek Campground is nestled in a pleasantly secluded and located in the Douglas-fir and aspen trees. The campground is above Stoddard Creek.

Hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and ATVs are popular activities. Mountaineering, trail running, backpacking, dog walking, fastpacking, Mountain climbing, skiing, and stargazing are everyday camping activities.

Creative camping activities to consider might include:

Going on a scavenger hunt, following the leader.

Going on a treasure hunt.

Imitating bird calls.

Climbing trees.

With 18 single units and two large double units with 1 group site, it's important to please keep in mind that this campground is designated and reservable for group sites only.

Don't forget to pack the tent, cot, sleeping bag, plenty of water, the coziest of outerwear, mittens, hats, your favorite blanket, bug spray, lantern, and the first aid kit. Many times the things that are often forgotten are used the most are tent stakes and poles, utensils, batteries, wet wipes, trash bags, snacking foods, washbasin, headlamps or flashlights, sunblock, phone chargers, firewood, fuel, griddle, toilet paper, thermal wear, and emergency supplies. Sealable bins to store food are enormously helpful in keeping pests away from a campsite. Restrooms and garage pails are provided.

Many times enjoying nature in the Caribou National Forest will be complemented by creatures such as the rabbit, chipmunk, raccoon, fox, deer, owl, woodpeckers, beavers, bears, mountain lions, moose, elk, bobcat, not forgetting the friendly and sometimes pesky bugs. Write a list and check it twice. You may consider telling someone where you expect to be expected and when you're due back.

Montpelier Ranger District - Caribou Targhee National Forest

Albert Moser Campground

The Albert Moser Campground is lovely to come the spring and fall months, covered in wildflowers and a sea of leaves fall this area is sure to impress. Discover a mix of nearby area trails lined in Cottonwood trees popular for dirt biking, hiking, nature strolls, birding, photography opportunities, and wildlife viewing. Hide and seek, hunting for rocks, picnicking, sightseeing, identifying animal tracks, storytelling, race sticks in the water, card games, painting, creating a camping Olympics course, playing an instrument of choice are a few other activity ideas to consider.

Try out fishing in the Cub River for the catch of the day, hatchery Rainbow trout, or cutthroat throat!

If Albert Moser Campground sounds like the way to go, get your reservation in, and don't forget to keep a copy for the trip.

Things that might be helpful to pack and others that are especially important not to forget might include medicine, paper towels, a toothbrush, a pillow, extra socks, alternate weather clothes just in case it gets cold or wet, a generator, sunglasses, chapstick, campground reservation, phone and portable charge, a map/GPS, treats, board games, emergency gear, binoculars, headlights, power shower wipes, mosquito repellent spray or candle, hydration pack, easy to prep meals, compact chair, battery operated heated blanket, coffee maker, jumper cables or jump-start battery pack.

Emigration Campground

Emigration Campground is one of those destinations that continues to give when the fun is over, with memories that last a lifetime. Picturesque and serene to the fullest, this location is brimming with spring wildflowers strewn out across the open fields and surrounded by towering pine trees. Come the winter season, the area turns into a winter wonderland of snow-capped trees and powder topped mountains. Discover area trails that beg the adventurous to explore, enjoy, and journey into the new and magnificently unknown.

Were you searching for things to do to improve your camping experience? Some people might play a game of tug of rope, bring a game of toss the horseshoes, fly kites, or toss a frisbee.

Don't forget to pack any necessary prescriptions, rain gear, fishing pole/bait/license, camera, goodies, folding table and chairs, multi-tool, games, a guitar or harmonica, bikes, plates bowls, portable stove, hammock, matches, sleeping pad, emergency flare, mosquito repellent, hydration flask, travel coffee, knife, phone charging station, banana, or perhaps toss a pair of sandals in the pack for a backup.

Montpelier Canyon Campground

Montpelier Canyon Campground is situated alongside the rolling hills of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, near Montpelier, Idaho. Traveling to this area boasts beautiful scenery often complimented by wildlife such as deer, rabbits, and spectacular birds of prey. The campground offers a primitive camping experience alongside Highway 89 and Montpelier Creek. Situated at 6,400 feet, Montpelier Reservoir sits approximately 5 miles from camp and provides opportunities to fish and enjoy water activities such as boating, kayaking, and canoeing, and after dark, stargazing.

The Caribou-Targhee National Forest sits across portions of southeastern Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. The Idaho region of the Forest is home to the Curlew National Grassland, a destination worth adding to the visit list if in the vicinity.

The frantic rush to get out the door for a much-anticipated camping trip may leave campers wondering what they forgot to pack once they're on the road. The following item may be a consideration to add to the take-along list: tweezers, a favorite book, pet food, and water, a compass, hair ties, bear spray, chairs or something comfy to sit or rest on, a deck of playing cards, dry bags in case of rain or water activities, a cooler, ear muffs for cooler weather, walking/trek stick, tarp, kindling, spare cash, a whistle, water bottle, compact stove, music, coffee and strainer, fire extinguisher, shovel, stove, snake bike kit, proper temperature rated gear, eating utensils, hatchet, mug, camp sink, trash bags, device charger, headphones or earbuds, radio, hand sanitizer, and perhaps a pet shelter.

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